Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cafe Murano, Mayfair

Mother's Day lunch at Cafe Murano with the family. 

A variety of starters. Most were good. Light fritto misto and faultless arancini. Can't say I enjoyed the octopus dish much though. 

Mums pork. She liked it. I liked the taste I had of it. 

My pasta. Oh my. White broccoli, mint and something else, I can't remember. This pasta was stunning. 

VERDICT - Not bad. It's not the cheapest place you will ever eat, but I've become a little obsessed with that pasta dish. I've been getting major yearnings, and I need to go back soon. 

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Smokehouse, Islington


A first visit to Smokehouse. A catch up with some of oldest friends in the world. 

Yeah, I would eat everything on this. 

Duck spring rolls

Shin of beef. A ridiculous amount of meat made more ridiculous by a few bonus bits of beef cheek. 

I wisely didn't attempt the beast. I went for the pork "sphere" instead. 

Shin bone. Quite large. 

Double decker pie

VERDICT - Put simply, my friends and I really enjoyed ourselves. Uncomplicated hearty food, perfectly executed. A meat lovers paradise. 

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