Thursday, March 18, 2010

A recipe: Gin and Tonic Gummy Sweets

Gin and Tonic Gummy sweets

Blogging is a great way to meet new friends and to share passions of yours. Food has been good to me, but I have a secret passion for multi coloured rhomboids. Yep, I am a Lego addict.

I have loved it since I was a young child and remember it fondly. I remember the time that my best friend and I spent hours constructing a giant gorilla with compartments for minifigs, of the time I witnessed a friend pelt a half completed fire engine at the wall, only to see it explode into a thousand pieces across his front room, and of the Christmas my little sister bought me the Lego Batmobile. LEGO IS AWESOME!

It shocked me to discover that my passion for Lego was shared by many others. A few tweets to and fro and just like that, Lego Club was formed, an afternoon rediscovering our childhood, nattering over nibbles and alcohol. Each member of Lego Club was prescribed to bring something, and when I announced that I would be bringing gin and tonic, little did they know what was in store.

Gin and Tonic Gummy Sweets

I love sweets. I love gin and tonic. So why not make some gin and tonic gummy sweets? These have to be made, idiot proof and incredibly easy. I used a rectangular container and just cut into squares but if you have molds, even better.

1 x Sachet of Hartley's Jelly Lime Sugar Free
3 x Sachets of gelatine (normally about 35g)
1 pint of gin and tonic (about 50/50, I mean, you want it to taste of gin, right?)
Some lemon sherbet, optional, but a worthy addition

1. Put the gin and tonic into a small sauce pan. Sprinkle the lime jelly and unflavored gelatin over the generous G&T. Leave alone for a few minutes.

2. Place sauce pan over medium heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved, about 2-5 minutes. When mixture is liquid and all gelatin has dissolved, remove from heat.

3. Once it has cooled down a little, pour into mold. I used a cling film lined takeaway box (I am all style). If you have nice shaped molds, I would use them.

4. Let it cool down and then I chucked them into the fridge. They were ready after 2 hours but may be ready sooner. Remove then chop up into little squares. For a final flourish, sprinkle a little lemon sherbet before you eat them.

And in case you were wondering, here's what I made in Lego club:


BribedwithFood said...

I heart gin and tonic gummy sweets.

Hollow Legs said...

This is fucking amazing. I LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this - brilliant EuWen...definitely giving these a go.

LexEat! said...

A tough call between the photo of the jellies and the lego creation. Think I'd probably go with the jellies - they looks beautiful. I have a recipe for G&T sorbet that I keep meaning to try, and this has reminded me to get on with it!

meemalee said...

One of the most magical things I've ever eaten!

More Gin and Tonic Sweet (and Lego Club) pictures here

theundergroundrestaurant said...

genius! please make some and bring them to the underground farmers market

Helen B said...

I LOVE the fact you made the ratio 50:50! Going to experiment with these, feel a whole new avenue opening up, lychee martini cubes? Mojito cubes? Mmmm...

ginandcrumpets said...

Oh my God, these are GENIUS.

diva said...

totally my kind of gummy sweets.

Helen said...

Oh my! I am making these for my birthday party.

Helen said...

You rock! This has just gone straight to the top of my to be cooked bookmarks folder! Many thanks for the idea.

Claire said...

Awesome idea. I'm going to go home and make these - and work out other drinks I can do like this too :D

ferdiesfoodlab said...

Touch!! :) a nice way to get you're clingflim flush to the container it to lightly brush or spray container with oil, pop the cling film in and fill it with water. The weight of the water does the tricky work for you. This is especially handy if your container is made of sticky silicone!
Think I'll try this with bubblegum infused vodka hmmmm!

Unknown said...

No words can describe how happy I am to have found this!
Wedding favours sorted (Subject to taste test...)
Thank you!