Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eat and See : Madsen followed by Banksy

Its Saturday and its a beautiful day. I have arranged to goto a Banksy exhibition with my sister and need somewhere to eat nearby. Searching around for somewhere which isn't in the nosebleed price category (no mean feat in South Ken), I decided to try something different and settled for a Scandinavian restaurant called Madsen.

Madsen is a vision of white walls, wood and metal. I must admit, its a very attractive interior. When we got there, its pretty empty but soon fills with a smorgasbord of people (see what I've done there). After the initial hiccup of the waitress not understanding what a latte is (took her 3 attempts), everything went more smoothly after that.

We ordered the chefs selection smushi (you got the love the names), which are a selection of smorrebrod and some Frikadeller (basically meatballs) and a Jerusalem Artichoke salad.
If your on the Atkins, dont come here. Everything was very carb heavy. My meatballs were nice enough, if a little dry. It came with a good potato salad and a very heavy rye bread although the pickled cucumbers were a nice touch. My sisters salad was nice but even that came with fried bread!

All in all, a nice place, but not really ideal for a hot "summer's" day. I was walking around with a really heavy stomach all day.

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So, filled up to the max, we pottered off down to the Andipa Gallery. I dont think I have ever passed so many Porsche's, Ferrari's and Maserati's in my life! The Andipa Gallery is a small gallery round the back of Bibendum and the exhibition was basically some bloke trying to sell his collection of Banksy's. They were all pretty early stuff but it was quite cool to see some of his work other than the more popularised pieces. It was worth the trek but nothing fantastic. If you want to see some more of my Banksy pics, click here.

20 Old Brompton Road

Andipa Gallery
162 Walton Street

London SW3 2JL

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Kang said...

Those meatballs do look abit dry - could do with some nice sauce on top.