Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eat Burgers : Byron, Kings Road

Prior to an evening out on the lash celebrating my middle sister's birthday, I decided to hook up with my old chum and converted carnivore (he now eats carrots and sometimes mushrooms), Michael, and visit Byron on the Kings Road. Having eaten at their High Street Ken branch before, I pretty much knew what to expect and was looking forward to a decent burger.

Making my way from Victoria, I caught the number 11 bus but seriously underestimated how far down the Kings Road Byron actually was and ended getting off far too early. No matter, it was a lovely crisp dry evening and a good walk was what I needed.

Now, as chance would have it, I "conveniently" bumped into one of gossip mag's favourite targets. Now Lindsay, please stop harassing me. Read between the lines, ITS OVER! Please stop stalking me. Hmm...

Anyway, after that brief brush with Hollywood, it's off for that burger. Having arrived early, I perused the menu whilst sipping on my Oreo shake. The shake by the way is thick and lovely and packed with bits of Oreo. A result in its own right. The menu itself is fairly limited but at the end of the day, this place is a burger restaurant and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

I went for the signature Byron burger with sides of fries and coleslaw. With its provenance plastered everywhere (sourced exclusively from Morayshire, Scotland!) it's essentially a beef burger with cheese and bacon. And not a bad one I must say. The beef was flavoursome, if a little on the dry side. They are meant to be cooked medium but mine was definitely erring on the side of well done. Garnishes were good with a decent pickle and nice sauce. I rather liked the bun too, a very important part of a good burger. It was nice and soft, retained its shape and didn't go soggy. Fries were pretty decent although nothing to crazy over and coleslaw good too.

As burgers go, this place was enjoyable and well worth a visit. One minus, there was an off putting smell of gas lingering around but as my mate pointed out, there are lots of candles everywhere, and if we were going to be blown up, we would already be in small pieces. Strangely reassuring.

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