Friday, May 11, 2012

Standing, small plates and happiness: Jose, Bermondsey

Jose, Bermondsey Street

In principle, I am rather fond of tapas restaurants. I like trying a bit of everything, so am ideally suited to the whole sharing plate principle. I also like bars, a lot. And sherry, growing to like that one too. So technically, a tapas bar essentially combines all of these factors in perfect unison, so it would make sense that I would in principle, love them. Which would be true if I wasn't fighting with a horde of others for somewhere to sit and eat my food.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sehr gut wurst: Herman ze German, Charing Cross


There seems to be quite a resurgence in the humble hot dog down here in London town. Big Apple led the way in making them popular, and they've even begun to creep onto restaurant menus (Delaunay, Hawksmoor, Mishkins and MEATmarket to name just a few I have seen recently). Give it a few months, and you will even get a restaurant dedicated to to dogs when Bubbledogs opens some time later in the year. Slightly less heralded is Herman ze German, not strictly a hot dog retailer, but serving German sausages in rolls is close enough for comparison.