Friday, April 17, 2009

Eat British : The Chippy, Poland Street

One of my favourite programmes on at the moment is the Great British Menu. Basically, they get 2 chefs representing their respective regions, get them to create a 4 course menu with the ultimate prize being to cook one (or more) of their courses at a final banquet. This has been as varied as cooking for the queen's birthday banquet to cooking for the British Ambassadors banquet in Paris. This year is slightly different with the theme of a taste of home for servicemen returning from Afghanistan

You may be wondering where this is going, but it has just occurred to me that 3 weeks in, nobody has yet attempted a variation on fish and chips. I mean, what's more British than fish and chips?

After a hard evening shopping on Oxford Street, I needed somewhere to eat and walking down Poland Street, I spotted the Chippy. A chippy in the middle of London? I was intrigued and headed straight in.

The menu is simple. This is a chip shop and not some nouveau cuisine eatery you might expect to find as you head to Soho. However, it's clean and new looking and very nice inside. It maintains the old chip shop charm with a modern twist. There's a daily special (this time it was Coley) but I opted for the haddock with some tartare sauce and a gherkin.

Shortly afterwards, a lovely firm bit of fish arrived in a crisp beery batter. I really couldn't be happier. The fish was great as were the chips. Even the homemade tartare sauce was lovely, although a bit dear at £2 a pot. This was a great example of fish and chips, down to the wedge of lemon, and right in the middle of town, who'd have thunk it?

If you are looking for a "taste of home" you could do far worse than visiting this establishment.

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Kang said...

Nice review - and thanks so much for this, now I want some good ol' fish n chips too. Sometimes simple pleasures are still the best comfort foods :)

Anonymous said...

I eat here when I go to London. The food is grea, the place is clean and the staff are friendly.

I would give this chippy 10/10.

Lorraine (Cambridgeshire)