Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Mini Bites]: Josper grilling at Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau, Canary Wharf

I love playing around with gadgets and there are fewer better gadgets to play around with than a fully fitted professional kitchen. One rainy Satruday not that long ago (but long enough ago that I can't remember when), I was invited along to Plateau in Canary Wharf. The main reason behind this was to geek out and learn about the restaurant, their meat (and their suppliers) but most importantly, we had the opportunity to experience and cook with a Josper grill.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Burgers, Hypocrites and the return of hype: The Admiral Codrington

MEATLiquor - Slider

So yes, it appears I have become a burger hypocrite. Ever since I mentioned that I was slowly becoming bored of the whole London burger trend, what do I go and do? Stuff my face with burgers. Actually, a lot of burgers. Burgers from Lucky Chip, burgers from MEATmarket, and most recently, the almost perfect slider from the MEATLiquor stall at the annual and very excellent Soho Food Feast.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jubilee Gubbins Pick'n Mix


Ah, God bless the Queen and her Jubilee. Not only does it grant us an extra long weekend here in the UK (thank you ma’am) but appears to have triggered a jubilee avalanche over pretty much everything. Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed a variety of weird jubilee related gubbins, and the extent to which some people go to get Jubilee'd up is quite astounding.