Saturday, January 1, 2000

South America - Brazil, Argentina and a bit of the Carribbean

Pork Loin @ Rodizio Preto

Caribbean Spice (Jerk/SE5/£10)

Preto (Brazilian)

Lima (Peruvian/W1T/££££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet (pics):
A La Cruz - Bloody brilliant Argentinian

Vietnamese Restaurants

Cafe East (SE16/£10-£20)
Song Que (E2/£10-£20)
Panda Panda (Banh mi/SE8/<£10)
Bam Bou (French Vietnamese/W1T/£30-£40)
Cafe Bay (Banh mi/SE5/<£10)
Cafe VN (EC1/£10-£20)
Viet (W1D/£10-£20)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Thai Restaurants

Dinner at Rosa's on Dean Street

Rosa's (W1D/£20-£30)
Mango Tree (SW1/£30-£40)
Suchard Pub (SE1/£10-£20)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet (pics):
Suda - Definitely getting better
The Heron - The real deal

Italian food - Pizza, pasta and everything inbetween

Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle with truffles

Cheap and cheerful
Caravaggios (SE5/£)
Pepe (WC2N/£)
Franco Manca Brixton (SW9/££)
Franco Manca Chiswick (W4/££)
Rosso Pomodoro (WC2/££)
Maltings Cafe (SE1/££)
Pizza Pilgrims (Soho/£)

Bella Vista (SE3/£££)
Da Polpo (Bib Gourmand/WC2E/£££)
Polpo (W1F/£££)
La Famiglia (SW10/£££)
Anacapri (W1U/£££)
Valentina (SW15/£££)
Zucca (Bib Gourmand/SE1/£££)
Donna Margherita (SW11/£££)

Trullo (N1/££££)
Murano (1*/W1J/££££)
Tinello (SW1W/££££)
Fifteen (N1/££££)
L'Anima (EC2A/£££££)
Bocca di Lupo (Bib Gourmand/W1D/£££££)
River Cafe (1*/W6/£££££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet, in 3 words (pics only):
Ristorante Semplice - Good, not great
Theo Randall - Ingredients sing through

Steak - Meat, meat, meat and more meat

Blokes eat Beef at Goodman

Gaucho (Multiple/£50)
Sophies (Multiple/£40)
Hawksmoor (Multiple/£50)
Goodman (Multiple/£50)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet (pics):
Le Relais de Venise de L'Entrecote

Spanish Food - Jamon, sherry and small plates

Barrica, Goodge Street

Barrafina (W1D/££££)
Tapas Brindisa (SE1/£££)
Iberica (W1W/£££)
Angels and Gypsies (SE5/£££)
Fino (W1T/££££)
Pizarro (SE1/£££)
Jose (SE1/££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet, in 3 words (pics only):
Copita - Tiny tasty plates
Jose - I hate standing
Opera Tavern - Just stay downstairs
Barrica - Forgotten but loved

Japanese restaurants

Sushi of Shiori, Warren Street

New Fujiyama (SW9/££)
Taro (W1D/£)
Abeno (Okonomiyaki/WC1A/££)
Bincho (Yakitori/W1D/££)
Koya (Udon/W1D/££)
Sushi of Shiori (Sushi/NW1/££££)
Feng Sushi (Various/££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet (pics):
Yashin - Scorched sushi fireworks
Kirin Yatai - One off sticks

French Food - Classical techniques and flavours

Roast quail and broad bean risotto

La Brasserie (SW3/££££)
Le Petit Parisien (Closed/SE5/££)
Le Cassoulet (CR2/£££)
Bellevue Rendez-Vous (SW17/£££)
Cafe Luc (Closed/W1U/£££)
The French Table (Surbiton/KT6/£££)
La Trompette (1*/W4/£££)
Wild Honey  (1*/W1S/££££)
Galvin La Chapelle (1*, Set menu £25) (1*/E1/££££)
Hibiscus (2*/W1S/£££££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet, in 3 words (pics only):
Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester - Way too pricy
Bistro Bruno Loubet - Perfect bistro nosh

British Food - Odds, ends and all sorts

The Eagle, Clerkenwell
Inside the Eagle

The Bear (SE5/£££)
The Eagle (EC1/££)
The Red Lion and Sun (N6/££)
The Florence (SE24/££)
Great Queen Street (WC2/£££)
The Hinds Head (Out of town/SL6/££££)
The Ship (SW18/££)
The Admiral Codrington (SW3/£££)

A return to the Sportsman
Turbot, vin jaune and bacon @ The Sportsman

FISH (mainly)
The Chippy (Now Golden Union Fish bar) (W1/£)
Masters Superfish (SE1/£)
J Sheekey (WC2/££££)
The Sportsman (1* Out of town/CT5/££££)
Fish and Grill (CR0/£££)

Roe Deer Chop with celeriac puree and sea buckthorn berries
Roe Deer Chop and Sea Buckthorn, celeriac mash @ Hix Soho

Spud (Jacket Potato/WC2/£)
Bluebird (SW3/£££)
Benugo B+K (SE1/££)
Le Cafe Anglais (W2/£££)
Trinity (SW4/££££)
The Warrington (W9/£££)
The Hackney Pearl (E9/£££)
Roast (SE1/£££)
Paradise (W10/£££)
The Wolseley (W1/£££)
Bentleys (W1/££££)
Hix Soho (W1/££££)
Launceston Place (W8/££££)
Dean Street Townhouse (W1/£££)
The Ivy (WC2/££££)
Bread Street Kitchen (EC4/£££)
Roganic (W1/££££)
Union Jacks (WC2H/££)
40 Maltby Street (SE1/££)
10 Greek Street (W1/£££)
Duck Soup (W1/£££)
Alyn Williams (W1S/££££)
The Corner Room (E2/££)

Tafferty Tart

Dinner (1*/W1/£££££)
Maze (1*/W1/£££££)
Maze 2nd time (1*/W1/£££££)
Marcus Wareing (2*/W1/£££££)
Terroirs (Bib Gourmand/WC2/£££)
The Fat Duck (3*/SL6/£££££)
Viajante (1*/E2/££££)
Pollen Street Social (1*/W1/££££)
Purnells (1* in Birmingham/B3/£££££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet, in 3 words (pics only):
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - Three Star Mediocrity
10 Cases - Rough around edges
Sat Bains at Fortnums - London Restaurant Week
Manson - Average, not stunning
Medlar - Wish 'twas closer
Drapers Arms - Proper nice boozer

Restaurants from Malaysia and Singapore


£10 -£20
Satay House (W2)
Kopi Tiam (WC2)
Rasa Sayang (W1)
Kiasu (Closed/W2)

£20 -£30
Tukdin (W2)

£30 -£40
Awana (SW3/£30-£40)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Chinese Food: Dim Sum, Szechuan, Cantonese, Hainanese (and other things like that)

Standard London Chinese/Cantonese fare
Four Seasons (W2)
Hungs (W1)
HK Diner (W1)
Wong Kei (W1)
Tai Ka Lok (W1)
Noodle Bar (WC2)
Cafe de Hong Kong (WC2)
Mandarin Kitchen (W2)
Pearl Liang (W2)
Min Jiang (W8)
Plum Valley (W1)

Wuli Wuli (Szechuan/SE5)
Leongs Legends cont... (Taiwanese/WC2)
Silk Road (Xinjiang/SE5)

Dim Sum
Dragon Castle (SE17/££)
Yum Cha (NW1/££)
Dumplings Legend (W1/££)
Dragon Palace (SW5/££)
Golden Pagoda (W1/££)
Princess Garden (W1/££)
Old China Hand (EC1/££)
Ping Pong (W1/££)
New World (W1/££)

Key - (Variation if applicable/Postcode/Price)

Food from the Middle east - grilled meats, herbs and mezze

Veggie Mezze @ Kazan

Cyprus Mangal (Turkish/SW1/£10)
Kazan (Turkish/SW1/£30)
FM Mangal (Turkish/SE5/£20)
Antepliler (Turkish/N1/£20)
Yalla Yalla (Lebanese/W1F/£20)
Ariana II (Afghanistan/NW6/£20)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Indian Food - The land of curry, tandoors and the Gola!

Mixed grill @ Tayyabs

Tayyabs (E1/£20)
Delhi Grill (N1/£20)
Dishoom (Bombay cafe/WC2/£20)
Dishoom (Chowpatty beach popup/£10)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Korean Food - Grilled meat, clay pots and generally all things hot!

Kimchee, Holborn

Koba (Korean BBQ/W1T/£30)
Arang (Korean BBQ/W1F/£20)
Bibimbap (W1D/£20)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)

Not made it yet (pics):
Kimchee - Dull

I got a lovely email and even better guide through from a group called the Korean Class Massive. Strange name, but it covers 41 different Korean restaurants in London. Well worth a look -> HERE

North America - Burgers, Ribs, Hot Dogs and all things Mexico

Treats at the Rye, SE15

Byron and the Big D (Multiple/£20)
Hache (Multiple/£20)
Giraffe (Multiple/£20)
#Meateasy (*was* SE14/£20)
The Rye (*was* SE15/£20)
Bar Boulud (SW1/£30)
Lucky Chip (Mobile/£)
Mother Flipper (Mobile/£)
Patty and Bun (Mobile/£)
The Admiral Codrington (SW3/£££)

The Big Dog

Big Apple Hot Dogs (Hot Dogs/N1/£)
Pitt Cue Co (BBQ/*was* Southbank/£))
Spuntino (NY Diner/W1/££)
Dante Chicken (Fried Chicken popup/*was*EC2/£)
Spit and Roast (Mobile/£)

Tacos alambre

Chilango (Multiple/££)
Lupita (WC2/££)
Benitos Hat (W1T/£)
Chipotle (Multiple/£)
Poncho No8 (Multiple/£)
El Burrito (W1T/£)
Buen Provecho (SE1/£)
La Bodega Negra Taqueria (W1/££)
Mestizo (NW1/£££)

Key - (Info/Location/Rough price per head with no alcohol)