Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meat with more meat, Churrasco (Sydney part 2)

Taronga Zoo

After a good few days with my young cousins and my family in the hills of Sydney, I thought it was time I braved the big city. After a rather delightful afternoon wandering around probably my favourite place in the world (I am one big kid), I went to meet the first person I ever worked with in an office. His name is Justin X.

I have known Justin for nearly 10 years, and in those 10 years, only two of those were based in England. Having worked together for a mere 2 weeks, we have been MSN messenger buddies for a long time and I was rather excited that we would finally be able to catch up face to face. So after a few beers and chats about how our lives really weren't where we were hoping right now, we headed off for dinner.

Sydney - Churrasco

The options in Sydney are pretty endless. It is definitely one of the most multi-cultural cities I have ever been to, with strong representation from many different ethnicity's. Justin himself is from Italian stock but he knew where to take me. He had read the blog, we were going to eat meat, we were going to a Brazilian churrascaria. Our first choice was disappointingly closing early. Disappointing as it was meant to be excellent with a huge variety (check out Braza if you are ever in Sydney) but settled for Churrasco instead.

Sydney - Churrasco

So, what can I say. Shortly after our arrival, the meat onslaught began. First, we were presented with the traffic light system, green for go and red for "I've had enough and am on the verge of making an embarrassment of myself if I eat any more". With that established, they started to ease us into it. First came chorizo and mini chicken sausages, and served alongside we were brought some creamy warm potato salad and some added stodge of rice and beans. Served with a smile, these were delicious and got me salivating.

Sydney - Churrasco

From that point onwards saw a steady stream of meat in various guises. From memory we were given various porky delights in the form of sausages and gammon. Next came beef in various cuts. I was most impressed, the sirloin was tender and beautifully pink with a lovely smoky char. The food just kept on coming, and almost exclusively meat. I was informed that prawns and other seafood is served at Braza, but this didn't worry me too much, he wasn't to know that fishy stuff isn't my thing.

Sydney - Churrasco

It wasn't too long before I was patting my stomach in defeat and turning over my personal traffic light to the red position. This didn't really stop the waitresses from trying to ply me with more meat, but I just couldn't fit any more in. Justin, on the other hand, had other ideas. I mean, the guy is half my size but he just kept putting it away. Impressive.

Sydney - Churrasco

We sat back, sipped the remnants of our caipirinhas and soon enough, it was time to leave. It had been great to catch up and Churrasco was a great setting. Informal but pleasant, the room is open and spacious, and best of all, the food was delicious. I walked past the giant grill on the way out and stared in wonder. When I buy my place, I am installing one of those.

Churrasco - 3/60-70 William St, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

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Helen said...

There's a place called Woolloomooloo? Awesome.

Luiz Hara said...

Quite funny, those pictures took me back home, love churrascarias in Brazil, it is the Sunday "Roast" lunch for many families there.

tehbus said...

@Helen - Those Aussies have lots of crazy names!

@The LF - You can't go wrong with meat with a side of meat.