Sunday, September 5, 2010

A good reason to go North: Pig Feast at the Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

August has been one hell of a month. Who knew that starting a new job would have such a massive impact on my blogging output. I am happy to report that I have come out unscathed and am very much looking forward to my second week back in full employment, but unfortunately, it has left me with an abject fear of turning my computer on when I eventually get home. Not particularly conducive for writing a blog.

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

I have though been keeping myself rather busy outside of work and have had the opportunity to attend some pretty amazing things arranged by the good people off twitter. First up was a pig feast. Organised by the lovely Hollowlegs, it involved getting together some of my favourite people and roasting a 75kg Gloucester Old Spot in a beautiful pub up in leafy Highgate.

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

The Red Lion and Sun is owned by Heath, a boisterous Kiwi I first bumped into at Bar Boulud, but more frequently in the pubs run by his good friend Scott. Having bought the pub a few years back, he told me stories of how many of the locals had initially disapproved (including one involving spitting) but eventually got them to warm to him over the years. I guess the regular pig and lamb roasts that he holds helps sway them in his favour (even if it has meant that Heath is sick of the stuff!).

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

So I guess that helps to explain how about 30 of us found ourselves in the pub garden gorging ourselves on some of the sweetest and most succulent pork I had ever eaten. To accompany it, we were given bowls of BBQ and homemade apple sauce, as well as a variety of salads including coleslaw, tomatoes and some of the best potato salad I have eaten in a while. And I really shouldn't forget the ever flowing pieces of crackling, probably as close to heaven as I can get.

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

Drinks on the night were kindly provided by Four Roses Bourbon and D'Arenberg wines. The bourbon was spun into cocktails by the able staff and the wine flowed deep into the night. With names like "The Stump Jump" and "The Love Grass", the wine kept us amused before we even had a taste, and well, we all know what happens once you actually drink it...

Pig Feast at Red Lion and Sun, Highgate

The Red Lion and Sun is about as far away from my home as I am willing to travel in an evening, which is a shame as if it were closer, I would spend a whole lot more time there. The pub itself is beautiful and homely with large outside spaces out the front and back, and if the pig is anything to go by, Heath and his team have the food covered. And you never know, it may even have been good enough to draw this South East Londoner back to North London.

The Red Lion and Sun - 25 North Road, London N6 4BE
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Greedy Diva said...

I absolutely LOVED this event, and am already scheming about going back for the lamb roast. Lovely pub and people. Unfortunately, I was too busy pigging out and knocking back the lovely D'Arenberg wines (it's my patriotic duty to mention them) that I forgot to take snaps for my own blog - may have to point a few people your and Lizzie's way for pics.

Gin and Crumpets said...

Pig, you have two holes on your nose
When you catch cold, you are snorting
Pig, you have black eyes which we cannot see beyond
Pig, you have two big ears
And you cannot hear that I'm cursing you silly
Pig, you have a curling tail which you cannot run without
Pig head, pig brain, pig body and pig tail
You are a good baby who eats everything
Everyday you won't wake up till noon
And you never brush your teeth and you never fight

(Have to admit I didn't atcually make this song up, but hopefully the Song of Pig will satisfy your need for song-based comment.)

tehbus said...

@ Greedy Diva - You distracted by wine? Never!

@ Gin and Crumpets - You're a bit odd aren't you (but I love you loads)