Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The #MEATEASY: Getting the wagon back on its feet

Meateasy, New Cross

So, this will no doubt be one of many many posts on Yianni Papoutsis' new venture, the #MEATEASY in New Cross, so I will keep it brief. A month ago, Yianni's business was turned upside down when some vagabond stole the meatwagon. Thousands wept.

Meateasy, New Cross

Now a mere 10 days from idea to end product, the Capital Pub Company has lent him the upstairs of his latest project to cook his line of comestibles indoors, away from nature, until he raises enough cash to get a new meatwagon back on the road. Thanks go to Scott who helped make it all happen.

I was lucky enough to get there on his pre launch test run. Here is just a teaser of what to expect:

Meateasy, New Cross
Tonights menu

Meateasy, New Cross
Kitchen and Cocktails

Meateasy, New Cross
The Signature Cheese and Bacon Burger

Meateasy, New Cross
Onion Rings

Meateasy, New Cross
Chilli Cheese Dog, Mac and Cheese, Buffalo wings

Meateasy, New Cross
The Chicken Sandwich - Probably my favourite of the night. Amazingly crisp, but succulent and tender on the inside. Bloody amazing.

Doors open on the 12th and will run in the evening to start (opening at about 6ish), although this will change once the kitchen gets up to full speed. I understand why many of you would want to rush to get your burger fix, but the #MEATEASY will be around for at least a couple of months so no real rush. There will be specials, inventions and all sorts. This was a preview so all the grub and drinks were on the house, but I couldn't leave before donating to the "Rebirth of the Meatwagon" fund. Expect to pay about £6 a burger, and less for the peripherals. So go, and once you've been, go again.

More pics here if you fancy it.

MEATEASY at the Goldsmiths Tavern - 316 New Cross Road, New Cross London


PDH said...

It must be the perspective but those Buffalo Wings look HUGE!!! How awesome, I cannot wait to go!!! (look at all the exclamation marks to over emphasise that statement it must be true)

Anonymous said...

How much are we looking at for all these new items?

Marcus said...

Sorry to ask, but did you pay? I'm keen to know how much all this jazz will cost.

tehbus said...

@Pavel - They were big, but I reckon perspective may have had something to do with it!

@Anon and Marcus - Sorry, it was a preview so all food and drink was comped, but expect to pay £6 for a burger and less for everything else. I think Yianni will decide when the doors open tonight.

Marcus said...

Ah, nice one. Can't wait to get down there and sample pretty much everything.

Gin and Crumpets said...

Good God, those onion rings look big enough to be worn as a bracelet.

Raluca said...

Can't wait to get there! Thinking about doing a Saturday trip ;).

Mzungu said...

I can't believe someone stole his burger wagon. Man, what is this world coming to. But kinda good news that he is stuck in one spot now.
Gonna give it a week or two before heading down, but I'm sure the queues will be huge still.

catty said...


tehbus said...

@ Mzungu - The queues are actually very sedate during the week, and there is a new ordering system. Weekends seem to be manic though!

@ catty - IT IS

I heart cupcakes said...

We finally made it there on Friday night and it was AMAZING! It filled up almost immediately at 6 but the kitchen staff were fantastic and about 15mins after we ordered our food was there in all its meat filled glory. Seriously great burger and the onion rings were delicious. Next time I'll leave the fries and get something else to share with my hubby.
The pudding provided by Petra (Choc Star) was too good for my husband to refuse and the cocktails were lush as well.
After the disappointment of arriving too late on Weds (At about 7.30) we thoroughly enjoyed it, and as we're lucky enough to live 10mins away will be back soon - bearing Elvis cupcakes for the volunteers as requested!

William K Wallace said...

Burgers look like they would even fill me up. I guess his insurance never gave him the full whack for the Meatwagon when it got robbed, but seriously how the fuck does someone steal and hide a van that big!

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