Monday, April 23, 2012

[In pictures] Feng Sushi

Loch Duart sake cured sashimi and nigiri with MSC Ikura

It's not often I head over to Canary Wharf, but I can't help but feel that this is what London should be like. Tall buildings, wide pavements, modern atmosphere. Everything is made of steel, stone and glass and the streets are clean. Add the dark clouds and the torrential rain I was wading through to get to Billingsgate market, and it felt like Gotham. You could almost here the Batman theme in the background (the films, not the camp TV superhero fest of the 60's). All this was in aid of was a specially prepared menu from Silla Bjerum, the Danish owner and head chef of sushi delivery firm, Feng Sushi.

During the evening, we ate a whole array of seafood in various forms. Feng focuses heavily on sustainability, from the fish they use to the bamboo in the chopsticks, without compromising on flavour. Each course included many of the components they use in their restaurants, and for a man who is still not entirely comfortable with fish, managed to tuck into everything with a flourish. As we got to course 6 or 7 (I forgot), I encountered a big fishy wall, but enjoyed finishing off the meal with some chocolate mochi. Take a look at the whole meal below and expand for more details.

Check out the Feng Sushi website to check out if they deliver to you, as their coverage may well surprise you.

*I was invited by the PR to this meal which was a one off event*

Feng Sushi - Various


Kavey said...

I was so disappointed to miss this, had been looking forward to it but had a crappy headache on the day, just wasn't feeling up to it.

Hollow Legs said...

It looks lovely, Eu Eu. I love mochi so much. Sounds like you got far enough before the fishy wall took hold!

Jeanne said...

It was a great evening - quite a few stand-out dishes, and Silla was a great hostess. Need to get my post up next week!

Unknown said...

Are they using sushi machines to create that Feng Sushi food or not? I want to try it because it looks scrumptious.

tehbus said...

@Shelia - All by hand