Friday, April 10, 2009

See : Monsters vs Aliens 3D on the IMAX

Having missed out on the opportunity to watch Watchmen on the massive screen that is the IMAX, I scoured the future listings for upcoming shows and saw that Monsters vs. Aliens was coming up. And not just any showing, it was to be shown in 3D!

From an early age, 3D always fascinated me. How the use of green and red could play tricks on the mind, absolutely fascinating. 3D appears to have come a long way since then. Long have the green and red gone, but the stupid glasses remain (see below). I went with my little sisters (2 of the 3) and the youngest was adamant her dodgy eyes meant that she couldn't see 3D. Having forked out a tenner for her (£13.50 for adults, she is still a student) I hoped it wasn't going to be a tenner wasted.

Settled in, popcorn in hand, we donned our Kanye West style glasses and waited in anticipation. And it certainly didn't disappoint. From the opening sequence where asteroids seem to fly around your head, the 3D was rendered really well throughout the film, and far from detracting from the film, definitely added an additional depth to it (excuse the pun).

As to the film itself, it was pretty enjoyable throughout and laugh out loud in places. A kid's film? Like Shrek, DreamWorks previous animated series, the lions share is aimed at the younger audience but there is plenty there to keep the adult entertained. I had a thoroughly good time and came away with one thought. I wish all films were in 3D.

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