Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Day Weekend

For me, Bank Holidays are all about resting and relaxing. I have had a busy week. Working and playing hard has had it's toll on me and its about time I took some time to step back and let the old body recover a bit.

So, first port of call, Oval farmers market. This little gem is located in St Mark's church, opposite from Oval station, and comprises of a few locals and their produce. With stalls containing meat, fish and all sorts of veg and pastry goodness. Fantastic it was not but a nice thing to have on your doorstep.

Sunday saw me going on a walk round London with my old friend and his very heavily pregnant wife. Imagine my surprise when we were bombarded with hundreds upon hundreds of nuns! Apparently they were doing a fun run for Barnardo's. Anyway, the weather was nice and it was nice just to trundle around an area where it's normally packed full of commuters. Thankfully, no babies were delivered during the walk.

Tomorrow, the last day of the Bank Holiday, brings me to the Ledbury. Heard lots of good things about this place through the food blog grapevine and I am looking forward to my meal. No doubt, every mouth will be reported at a later date. Spater dudes!

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