Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish you were here...Newburgh Quarter Market

Wish you were here...

The Newburgh Quarter Market. Sounds very NYC, doesn't it? "Wish you were here" is a cross Atlantic initiative where 30 independent boutique shops trade places between the Lower East side in NYC and the Newburgh quarter just off Carnaby street.

As part of this event, our very own @eatlikeagirl relocated her Covent Garden market stall to peddle some American based wares at a special one of "market". Mac and cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and homemade pizza's were all on the menu. Alongside were various other stalls including some great ribs from Bodeans, chocolate sundaes from @chocstar, salt beef sandwiches and a whole hog roast.

A few photos of the day are below:

Ice Cream Van
Choc Star
Hog Roast
@eatlikeagirl and her American influenced goodies

For more information on "Wish you were here...", please visit their website here.

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