Friday, February 19, 2010

It's my blog and I will blog what I want to: Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme @ Selfridges

I can blog about what I want right? Inspired by Catty and her recent mini-posts, I just couldn't resist. Last night, I experienced true revelation.

Pierre Herme is famous for his macarons and as of the 5th of February, has had a small outpost next to the cupcakes and breads in the Selfridges food hall.

Pierre Herme @ Selfridges

I am not really sure what it is about them, but after my first bite, I was genuinely lost for words. The light crisp shell gives way to a smooth, delicate cream filling, infused with a variety of flavours. Having devoured both a pistachio and salted caramel, I think I may have found a new direction for my life, to sample one of each and every flavour. I'm probably going to have to take out a loan to achieve this (it cost me £11 for 7) but an endeavour I genuinely believe is worth pursuing.

Word on the street is that a Pierre Herme shop will be opening in Knightsbridge in Spring. I genuinely cannot wait.

Pierre Herme @ Selfridges

Pierre Herme Boutique - Foodhall, Ground Floor, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street W1A 1AB


Boo said...

Yay! Pierre in London at last. I had some of his legendary macarons when I visited Paris in August. Can't wait to get down to Selfridges, they're pricey but they are just sooooo good! Lovely pics.

catty said...

I AM SO GOING THIS WEEKEND. oops was that in all caps? well, it was meant to be.

eatmynels said...

I was in paris recently and had to stop and stare at every fly baked goods boutique..... masculinity fail.

Wild Boar said...

Next stop: Selfridges.

LexEat! said...

Beautiful photos - did complete justice to the taste, no doubt!

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Been trying to make them...hmmm

Raluca said...

Yeah! I strongly believe that they should be illegal.. All good things are illegal or make you fat..that's what they say isn't it?
I love them and I need to really control myself not going there each day :)

tehbus said...

@Boo - Yay indeed. I actually wasn't bothered and stumbled upon them by mistake. Not any more.

@Catty @WildBoar - I nearly went again too.

@eatmynels - When it tastes this good, I don't think anybody is going to notice.

@Lex - No, they tasted crap, they just look nice ;)

@TUR - I heard that they are tricky buggers to make.

@Raluca - I have been waking up every day craving a return trip. And if they were illegal, we wouldn't be allowed to eat them...

Krista said...

I think you've just made my weekend! Had no idea PH had opened. Thanks for the tip!