Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Religion of Fussball: Bar Kick and Unearthing goodies

Geek Foosball @ Bar Kick

I love table football. Having worked in "meejia" for as long as I can remember, there was always a table knocking around, the perfect stress release from those hours of pointless meetings so many of us seem to endure. I don't think there is anything more satisfying than thwacking that plastic ball as hard as you can and the resonating *ping* as it it sails past the helpless goalkeeper and notches you another point on the abacus scoreboard. I digress, those were happy times, unfortunately all I have for recreation at work now are a few stress balls and the remnants of my Lego advent calender.

Geek Foosball @ Bar Kick

Surprisingly, outside "meejia" games rooms, foosball tables are few and far between with Bar Kick a well received exception to the rule. Located at the top end of Shoreditch high street, the spacious bar is split onto two floors with a total of 10 Bonzini tables available. The Cafe Kick website says that the venue is "perfect for private tournaments" and was the venue for #GeekFoosball, a great event organised by @cyberdees. Bringing the London "geek" community and table football together, I was gutted to be knocked out by the eventual finalists but had a great time. Please check out the great video diary by If you fancy joining in, the next Geek event is geek bowling on the 23rd March.

The Wall of Babyfoot

Table football aside, Bar Kick is a great bar. Serving a variety of beers from around the world including Windhoek from Namibia and Cusquena from Peru (including a rather sweet tequila based beer called Desperado), it's a great place to kick back, and enjoy a few beverages with friends. After I was knocked out from the competition, that was exactly what I did and after a long enjoyable night, stumbled my way home from East to South.

Unearthed Goodies

I avoided the inevitable "babbage" as I had kindly been sent some goodies to try from Unearthed and knew I had them waiting for me at home. I had been sent a few new items from their snacking range and tucked into the sweet cherry peppers with ricotta whilst the tarte flambee was flung impatiently into the oven. Whilst I waited the seemingly endless 6 minutes (everything seems endless at that time of night) for the tarte to cook, I carried ploughing into the peppers. Being totally honest, I don't think the peppers filled with cheese was necessarily the ideal snack after a few shandies, and appreciated the sweet and slightly spicy peppers a little more in the morning. The tarte flambee, on the other hand, was perfect post-pub snacking material. Smothered with cheese, onions and bacon, it was an excellent antidote for a very hungry and slightly inebriated chinaman. Check out the rest of their range here.

Unearthed Goodies

Bar Kick - 127 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE

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catty said...

you say fussball i say fooooosball. Panu loves it too. you know there is one singular foosball table in Covent Garden near the Superdry store. you can tell I end up spending a lot of time there, can't you?

Semblance said...

Damn - had to miss out on this one. Would have liked a Windhoek! See you at the lanes 23 March.