Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Number 67: Yet another South East London gem

Number 67, Peckham

If you, like me, are ruled by your belly, I don't think there has been a better time to live in the south east of London. There have been so many new restaurants and revamps that eating out around here has become an utter joy. I always try to look out for new places opening near me, and when I heard that there was a new cafe (from none other than the Camberwell Blog) opening next to the South London Gallery a short stroll from my house, I had to go and check it out.

Number 67, Peckham

The cafe itself is integrated with the South London Gallery, taking up various rooms and areas inside and out. I was slightly confused with the layout, but it is just meant to be a cafe, so I headed out towards the back and got a small table outside. The menu itself is quite an interesting beast. It's definitely on the slightly pricy side, with its "Full Spanglish" hitting the dizzy heights of £8 for breakfast. Definitely not Peckham prices! Then again, the selection on the menu had my mouth watering and I opted for a few smaller plates to see what this place was all about.

Number 67, Peckham

Saturday is brunch day and I wasn't letting the fact that it was nearly 2pm stop me from getting some sort of eggs and pig. The jamon and scrambled egg won that contest easily and arrived perched on a massive slice of toasted sourdough. I had to stop myself from scoffing this all immediately and making an unholy mess out of myself. The velvety scrambled eggs and what I think was Serrano ham was a modern twist on the more traditional ham and eggs. With the eggs slightly underseasoned, but coming together with perfect balance once the ham was added to the mouthful, I quietly devoured this all.

Number 67, Peckham

On the side, I ordered a portion of their pork rillettes, a personal favourite dish. When it arrived, I was seriously worried that I had over ordered but as soon as I took one mouthful of that silky pork, the food stood absolutely no chance. The pork arrived in a huge mound with some cornichons on the side to provide a vinegary contrast to the smooth and rich meat. More slices of sourdough were doused with an intensely grassy olive oil, bringing together an excellent contrast in flavours and textures.

Suffice to say I really enjoyed No 67. It has been a long time since I found somewhere which actually made me smile, and having it so close to my front door is just an added bonus. Open for lunch during the week and brunch at the weekends, you even get to take in the delights of the gallery next door. Another great addition to an already fabulous area.

Number 67 - 67 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH

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Hollow Legs said...

Woo hoo! The rillette looks lovely in its porky goodness.

The Shed said...

My weakness for pig has been SERIOUSLY piqued. Do I need a passport to get there...?

Gin and Crumpets said...

I was telling my sister only last night about a new cafe that had opened up in Camberwell and how you'd liked it. She was excited at the prospect of good breakfasts, especially if they're open on Sundays. Those scrambled eggs do look pretty fine, and kudos to you for ordering rilletes as a side dish!

Rich said...

Sold. After the porky goodness at St John last weekend, I've got to give this one a go...

tehbus said...

@Lizzie - It was a mound of porky loveliness

@The Shed - Passport not required. Jabs and kevlar on the other hand...

@G&C - She should definitely go. It's a perfect place to relaz and while away a few hours.

@Rich - Definitely do!

Gordocks said...

Never been a better time to live in SE London? What are you on mate? I live in SE5. It's a shytthole and its crime and gangsta nonsense has got worse over the past few years for sure. People only live there cos it's cheap.

Tom Filby said...

"I've always thought that if the service was bad but the food was good (this works even better the other way around) then the place is OK. Bad service. Very good food. This place is OK."

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