Friday, October 28, 2011

Mini Bites: Scooter Caffé, Waterloo

Scooter Caffe

I went along to a great little place last night, and all you lot should really know about it. Hidden away at the Westminster end of Lower marsh is a tiny little café with a pretty novel idea. Packed to the hilt with scooter memorabilia, from a full blown scooter in the window to number plates all over the walls, it sells drinks. Yep, just drinks. From Monmouth coffee to all sorts of booze, you are welcomed to rock up, enjoy the internet and have a few drinks. The atmosphere is laid back and it kind of feels you’re in your own living room. There are even the addition of a few cats running around.

Scooter Caffe

The clincher for me is that they welcome you to bring in your own food. It’s a pretty novel concept in my eyes, and I like it. Bring food, drink their drinks, do work, enjoy with friends. Scooter Caffé is what you want it to be. I love the lax atmosphere and more importantly, free wifi. Take into consideration the little events they hold like Monday night film nights, open mic and cartoons, and you have a pretty great place to hole up and chill out. Love it.

Scooter Caffé - 132 Lower Marsh, South Bank, London SE1 7AE

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Donald Edwards said...

There's a pub in Reading that lets you bring your own food, I've not quite gotten round to visiting it yet as it's quite scuzzy...

catty said...

Wow that is really cool that they let you bring your own food, but I guess they've realised that the real money is made from alcamahol :)

tehbus said...

@ Donald - This place is definitely not scuzzy. Eclectic...

@ Cat - I know right.

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