Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MEATLiquor 11.11.11


Just a short note about something many of you may already know about.

Yianni, he of Meatwagon fame, is about to open his first bricks and mortar venture. It will have his signature burgers, it will have all the other stuff he has sold from the #Meateasy (and his wagon), plus the addition of a few other mysterious items including Dirty Fried Chicken, Kurrywurst and "I am Lomo".

Alongside, expect lots of booze, and even desserts (Knickerbocker Glory Hole sets the tone).

Expect loud decor, expect love and hate in equal measures, but most of all, expect it to be busy and expect to eat one of the best goddamn burger you have ever had.

Keep an eye on their website, MEATliquor coming soon...


The Perfect Trough said...

I am all over this. I think it's in that weird old Guinness pub behind Debenhams/House of Fraser on Oxford St.

tehbus said...

Close enough ;)

It actually used to be an Italian restaurant.

Crumpeats said...

I'm still recovering from my lunch yesterday..deep fried pickles and absinthe.