Monday, July 23, 2012

[Mini bites] - Mestizo


The general word on the street is that there aren't that many places to eat decent Mexican food in London. I can't say I know what real Mexican food is, but there are plenty of places that I enjoy. I've eaten at Lupita since it opened and generally enjoy each meal I have had, there is the Wahaca group of restaurants which do a good job in the casual dining market, takeaways such as Benitos hat and El Burrito which always fill the void and even higher end restaurants such as Taqueria which are meant to be excellent.



Mestizo is another which I enjoyed recently. Sister restaurant to El Burrito, it serves a bewildering array of dishes. From Antojitos (sharing plates?) to Tacos and then on to bigger dishes. It takes quite an effort to decide what to have as the menu is massive, but we stuck to a selection of tacos and antojitos to compliment the myriad of margaritas (we were celebrating...something or other). Things get a little blurry at this point (the margaritas are punchy, especially if you go big) but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Items such as the flautas (rolled corn tortiallas and then fried) and tacos that I love from El Burrito were good, as was the queso fundido, a glowering pot cheese and mushroom.



I had a grand old time at Mestizo. It is far from fancy but it was perfect for my catch up with some friends, with solid food and drinks. A strange part of town, but worth a trip.

Mestizo - 103 Hampstead Road, London NW1 3EL

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Hollow Legs said...

El Burrito (and their rajas con crema burritos) are one of my favourite lunching spots; that first photo certainly looks traditional to what I saw in Mexico City.

Glad you had a good time celebrating YOUR BIRTHDAY! :)

@shalmaneser said...

As I recall they made you wear a giant mariachi band member's hat when they made the restaurant sing happy birthday for you

tehbus said...

@ Lizzie - Birthday something something...

@ Shalmaneser - That may have happened.