Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eat Italian : Caravaggios, Camberwell

If you have ever been to Camberwell, you know that you are hardly pushed for somewhere to eat. There are a multitudes of cuisines covering much of the world. If you fancy something from the Far East, there are a multitude of Chinese takeaways, as well as your smattering of noodle houses (including the new and rather embarrassing "Noodel City") and the pretty decent Vietnamese on Coldharbour Lane (thats Eastern Tree if your wondering). If your looking for a taste of India or Africa, the many restaurants along Camberwell Church Street can more than fill your appetite. And if its gastropubs your looking for, look no further than the Castle, The Bear, The Dark Horse or even The Grove.

However, one common factor amongst these restaurants and eating outlets is that they rarely appear busy. In fact, if your name is Spice of Life, its attendance appears pitiful. The only places in Camberwell who appear to be doing a roaring trade are the KFC and Caravaggios.

Caravaggios is a little Italian cafe primarily doing simple pastas complemented by a few other italian staples (such as Bruschetta and Risotto as well as a few daily specials). On the whole, there isnt much to say about this establishment. The food is pretty average but cheap. When I went with my family, we ordered drinks, 2 starters and 4 mains and the bill came to just over £30. My Spaghetti Carbonara was creamy and so huge, it could have fed the queue waiting for their KFC down the road. A main costs around the five pound mark and in these days of the credit crunch, you cant really argue with that. It has a decent variety of food catering to most tastes and does a half decent coffee as you would expect from an Italian establishment. People vote with their feet and this place is always buzzing with people. I havent been here for lunch but I have been told that their selection of pannini's and jacket potatos are extensive and filling.

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