Monday, November 30, 2009

Japanese, Brixton Style. New Fujiyama

South London gets slammed for lots of things. Some of the things that people seem to complain about are the levels of crime, how dirty the streets are and how the transport links are rubbish. Well, I am a proud South Londoner, who has had no problems with crime in my 6 years down here (touch wood) and love using the buses. I agree though, the roads are a bit grim.

One thing we aren't starved of (pardon the pun) are places to eat. No matter what kind of cuisine you fancy, you will more than likely be able to find somewhere to indulge your craving down saarf. So today, I introduce you to another of my favourites.

New Fujiyama

Introduced to me by my ex-Brixton dwelling buddy, New Fujiyama is another popular local haunt. Located just off Coldharbour Lane, it serves affordable contemporary Japanese cuisine. Popular for its noodles and sushi, I personally veer towards it's rice dishes. Accompanied by my parents on my latest visit, it was just a flying visit but a fairly enjoyable one nonetheless.

Oyaka Don

My favourite dish has to be the Oyako Don. A rice dish topped with chicken cooked with shiitake mushrooms soaked in a sweet soya broth finished off with a raw egg which slowly scrambles in the heat of the rice. It may seem boring, but I always order this and on this evidence, I see no reason to change my ordering habits. Filling and tasty. Win, win.

Beef Teriyaki Bento

My parents both opted for the bento boxes, which come with the standard miso, pickles and salad. I think they both murmured sounds of satisfaction although I had a bit off my mums and found the beef teriyaki slightly dry.

I do like New Fujiyama, but then again, I am a local. It's affordable and serves decent food. If you ever need your sushi, rice or noodle fix when you are down in Brixton, you could do worse than checking out New Fujiyama out.

New Fujiyama (website) - 5-7 Vining Street, Brixton SW9 8QA

Fujiyama on Urbanspoon


Hollow Legs said...

What are the prices like?

there's a Japanese in Catford which I rather like, Sapporo Ichiban. Nothing fancy, but nice and cheap.

sunfug said...

Tehbus, has Fujiyama changed hands? I have never had a decent meal there, yet over the years have been dragged back by friends insisting on how good it is. I'm from Hong Kong which may explain my view but then you're a Chinaman too so what's up? Maybe they've got their act together. Now, if you want something truly excellent get yourself to Cafe on the Hill, halfway up Brixton Hill on a Thursday to a Saturday. It's a greasy spoon, co-owned by a lovely Thai family. On those hallowed days Michael serves his Beef Noodle Soup made from long-simmered shin in an incredible fragrant broth - fantastic!

Looking forward to following your blog

Wild Boar said...

I think its a guy thing; we're happy to keep ordering the same stuff once we find something we like. said...

I love that place - perfect for quick eats before going to the Ritzy!

tehbus said...

@sunfug - I am really not sure. I am a very bad Chinese person (as many of those near to me can profess) but the food has always been ok for me. Not outstanding but decent, good value local food.

@lizzie - Yep, nothing fancy and everything is pretty much under a tenner. I think the Oyako Don was about £6 and they have a menu online if you fancy checking out the rest.

Wild Boar - I have no love for raw fish (GASP!) but I do love this dish. - Definitely handy ;)

Helen said...

I agree, I mean, Fujiyama is ok and all but if I wasn't often in Brixton then I wouldn't bother. Come to think of it I haven't for a while. It's always really bloody cold in there as well! Do you find that?

Greedy Diva said...

Ooh - I often go for an oyako don too. Heart warming for winter.

sunfug said...

Ok, it's way late in the day but I relented and went to Fujiyama with the kids a few days ago and for the first time ever it was actually quite good. Perhaps it was quiet and so they could actually turn out some reasonable grub or maybe they've got their act together but, anyway, I (partly) take back my earlier dis.