Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love it or hate it, Marmite Pop Up Shop


Marmite is just one of those things. A simple spread made from yeast extract with the ability to polarise public opinion. Personally, I think this attitude is slightly extreme. After all, why can't we just like it?

Marmite Mugs

Well, now they have come mainstream. A pop up shop has appeared on the lower end of Regent Street selling all things Marmite and I popped along to the launch party to see what all the fuss was about. Stocking over 100 marmite branded products, it really is a sight to behold. Ranging from Marmite art (marm-art!) to more functional products such as plates, trays and a rather cute sandwich shaped lunchbox.

Marmite Cocktails

Alongside an introduction to these products, we were plied with Marmite based cocktails including an intriguing Love it or Hate it Marma-tini. A pear based martini, with a marmite foam, was a strange but a pleasing mix of sweet and savoury.

Pigeon with Beetroot risotto

We were also served marmite based canapes. I was very pleased with the morsels of pigeon we were served. I believe that these were glazed with marmite on top of a beetroot risotto, and a good example of incorporating marmite into everyday cooking. After all, it is packed with umami, why shouldn't we be using it in cooking more?

So there it is. A reason to prove us why marmite is more than just a spread for toast. As with all pop ups, it's not going to be around forever, so head on down and check it out as soon as you can.

Marmite Pop Up Shop (website) - 82 Regent Street, Quadrant Arcade, London W1


Hollow Legs said...

I looooove marmite so I can't understand why I haven't visited yet. I think I must go at payday and then buy the ENTIRE SHOP.

I heart cupcakes said...

Lizzie I'm with you - I adore marmite but having to wait till payday before I visit as its been an expensive month! Cannot wait to buy lots of marmite stuff

Food.By Mark. said...

Wonder why the invited people to the marmite party if they weren't inviting them to the Marmite pop up shop... surely you're want everyone to be at both?

Restless Native said...

It is not liked by Germans, despite being invented by a Germany think it should be on the British Citizen test. Its good stuff that for sure. Keeps the midges at bay! Not sure if it’s an aphrodisiac or not. I would like to think so.