Monday, March 8, 2010

The anti-cupcake at Beas of Bloomsbury

Beas of Bloomsbury

It's buzzing. As I sit in the corner of Bea's, a steady flow of customers stream in and out of the cold and rain looking for their caffeine or sugar hit. Squirreled away into the corner, needing both sugar and coffee cravings sated, I order a coffee and a cupcake and watch.

Bea's is not your ordinary cake shop. Serving A-grade coffee using Square Mile beans, I can see how locals would gravitate towards James and his coffee machine for their daily caffeine hit. For just £2 for a cappuccino, you receive an excellent coffee, lovingly prepared and infinitely better than any milky sludge that Starbucks round the corner will serve you, with some change to boot.

Beas of Bloomsbury

I hate to say it, but coffee is merely a distraction in Beas. The minute you walk through the door, you pass an elaborate display in the window and are immediately confronted with some of the most delicious cupcakes you are likely to lay your eyes on. The cupcakes themselves are available in an array of flavours, which change every day. On my visit I opted for a Baileys and chocolate cupcake, with the use of flavoured buttercream instead of icing leading Bea to label it an "anti" cupcake, not one for the traditionalists. Personally, I thought they were bloody lovely, give me cream over icing any day of the week, viva la revolution!

Beas of Bloomsbury

I even managed to meet the eponymous Bea, who is a lovely bundle of energy. Having emerged from the pastry kitchens of Nobu, she is growing her own empire one shop at a time. Hopefully look out for a new venture out East in the very near future. After my afternoon in there, I am starting to believe that man can live on cupcakes and coffee alone.

*HOLD THE PRESS* - I have just been informed that Bea now has a new savoury chef. He is 6 foot 3 and a Kiwi. And apparently he makes a good lunch, another reason to go!

Beas of Bloomsbury - 44 Theobald's Road WC1X 8NW

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catty said...

Great little write-up of Bea's :) I also love the place and i might have to see if I can spot the 6'3" giant.. although he might stomp on me!

LexEat! said...

Oh I do love Bea's!
Am still to try the all you can eat high tea for £13!

Melanie Seasons said...

I had Bea's cupcake once, but it was at a cupcake tasting, so I've not yet been to the shop. I really need to go!

Everything looks delish!

diva said...

Reading this now makes me want to make a trip there tomorrow before uni! I think i might grab some cupcakes for my seminar mates. Although I'm broke...could spare a few quid on that now couldn't I? :p

Greedy Diva said...

Can't believe I still haven't been despite the rave reviews. I think I'm just suspicious of the coffee at places that sell lots of cupcakes! Will get over it, and give Bea's a go.

I heart cupcakes said...

I love Bea's. I'm lucky in that my husband works nearby and ocassionally brings me cupcake treats from there. The Baileys cupcake is fantastic!

We've been there a couple of times for coffee and I really enjoyed it. The place is so pretty, and the staff, including Bea are so friendly.