Thursday, February 24, 2011

Antepliler, Islington (abridged)

Antepliler, Islington

Antepliler, a new(ish) Turkish restaurant located right in the middle of Upper Street in Islington.

Antepliler, Islington

A couple of week backs, the inaugural #Foodaoke was launched. A group of bloggers invaded Lucky Voice in Islington and spent a good two hours belting out our favourite tunes, whilst consuming numerous gin, vodka, whatever based cocktails. By 9pm, when we were belted out of our room midst "Bohemian Rhapsody", we were hungry. Most went their seperate ways, but a hardcore group of about 6 of us headed for Antepliler.

Antepliler, Islington

What (did I eat)?
We ended up ordering a whole load of mezze, with dips and lamb and bread scattered across the table. Humus and antep dolma (cold stewed peppers and aubergines) were fresh and delicious scooped up with the puffed up freshly made breads. The hot dishes were just as good, with the borek (feta cheese, parsley and spices wrapped in a filo pastry) disappearing almost as soon as they hit the table, as well as the exemplary falafel, grease free and light. I can't forget the lahmacun either, great big Turkish "pizzas", drizzled with lemon juice, topped with salad and stuffed into your face any which way you could.

Antepliler, Islington

How (much)?
We had a lot of food, and if my memory serves me right (it was a little hazy at this stage) it all came to around £20 each. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it, and I certainly know I did. Karaoke or no, I will be back.

Antepliler - 139 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1QP

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Hollow Legs said...

No meaty kebaby mains!?

An American in London said...

So basically you were drunk but you can highly recommend the food at Antepliler? If I hadn't been to Antepliler myself and enjoyed it, I can't say I'd find your review very trustworthy. : )

Glad to hear you contributed to the general chaos and good cheer of my 'hood, though.

tehbus said...

@ Lizzie - Nope. Lots of veggie stuff and some plates of meaty stuff too.

@ AIL - To be fair, I was merry and looking forward to some food to soak up any excess alcohol. Antepliler was perfect giving the circumstances. And I liked it a lot!

Gail said...

Next Foodaoke should also be coupled with a visit to Antepliler it seems! Will get on it...

German said...

Great for Islington that seems to recovery his past glory with this new kind of restaurants

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