Friday, July 29, 2011

+(65) A Singaporean supper club

+(65) - A Singaporean supper club

I am a big fan of supper clubs, but more often than not, my attendance at any of these are as a by product of having met the host at some juncture in this great food journey I am having. Goz is no different. Having met the excitable Singaporean at the new defunct Tudor Road, we shared wine, laughs, and with him and his friends at the table, we had a very enjoyable evening.

+(65) - A Singaporean supper club

During that evening, we shared a common interest in food, always a good starting point in my books. Over the months since that day, we stayed in touch and I guess that fateful day kept niggling him into eventually launching his own. With the assistance of Wenlin (@goingwithmygut), +65 was launched, cooking homely food from Singapore.

+(65) - A Singaporean supper club

I was lucky enough to be amongst the first guests to sample some of his food, and was treated to an array of home cooked delights. Throughout this post is but a sample of some of the food we were served, but if you like food from Malaysia and Singapore, I would recommend getting your name on the list and eagerly await the launch of his next dates.

+(65) - A Singaporean supper club

Plusixfive - Somewhere Islington way...


London Chow said...

Do I spy ikan bilis and peanuts at the top left corner of the last photo?! Love them. Go especially well with some nasi lemak. Hmm...

Unknown said...

ooh looks good - any tips on where in London and price?

tehbus said...

@ London Chow - It was a special batch made to nibble on as we arrived.

@ GC - It's in Islington, so easy to get to, and if my memory serves me right, it's £25.