Sunday, August 7, 2011

The one and only River Cafe, Hammersmith

River Cafe, Hammersmith

On paper, River Cafe comes across as one of those nose bleedingly expensive places in London. One that instils you with doubt before you even had a second to give it a chance. One where you start wondering where the magic is going to come from to justify the notes you will inevitable have to drop. In my years in London, I always thought of it as somewhere that would be nice if someone decided to take me (be it a client or long lost rich aunt) but with no such miracle forthcoming, it remained on my "when I happen to win the lottery" list.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

So I was naturally a little hesitant when the River Cafe was suggested for a birthday meal but the promise of enjoyable company balanced the impending overdraft. Thankfully, when the day arrived, the sun bore down on the Thames riviera and we were granted a seat in the rather large outside seating area alongside the rest of the restaurant.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

I'm not sure I can quite describe the feeling of walking into the beautiful and light interior, and then escorted to our table outside, shaded by umbrellas and surrounded by the vegetables they grow to cook in the restaurant. Having felt slightly melancholic over the weekend, my mood immediately lifted, a marvellous feat in itself.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

The menu is straight forward Italian, aided by the massive wood fired oven sitting in the middle of it's kitchen, a somewhat iconic figure of River Cafe. The whole white behemoth is quite a thing of beauty, and much conversation revolved around how we would fit one of those in our homes (the answer was "with great difficulty").

River Cafe, Hammersmith

As there were 5 of us, we supped our aperitivo of prosecco and pressed strawberries (which tasted like the most amazing bubbly strawberry smoothie), reviewed the menu and formulated a strategy. In the end, we opted for two antipasti, three primo (all pasto) and our own secondi (all different of course). Ordering wine, all the hard work was done so we lay back and enjoyed the small window proffered to us Londoners to dine al fresco.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Fritto Misto con Zucchine, Fiore e Melanzane (£14) - An incredibly light assortment of zucchini, zucchini flowers and aubergine, coated in batter and deep fried. I love fried stuff at the best of time, and each bite showcased the clean flavours of the vegetables. The batter was perfectly balanced, crunchy with little grease. What a plate of veg.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Calamari ai ferri (£15) - Two pieces of squid for £15 is a lot of anybody's money, but I challenge you to get better squid anywhere else in London. Beautifully scored and charred, with the individual pieces bouncy and cooked through. But take a knife to each piece and it glides through like butter. Squid is one of the hardest animals to cook perfectly, and River Cafe nailed it. Drizzled with a little lemon and scraps of chilli just to lift it, this was simplicity at its very best.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Tagliatelle con Vitello (£15) - So the antipasti aside, we started on our primi, a selection of all the pastas on offer. The first up was the veal tagliatelle, and sadly, it didn't quite live up to the hype. The meaty tagliatelle is normally my favourite, and it did taste good, but it just felt like something was lacking. Something sweet to balance all the savoury perhaps?

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Rotolo ai Funghi (£15) - These seemed pretty interesting on the menu, and a variation of pasta I hadn't ever had before. A combination between a canneloni and a spinach and ricotta tortelloni, this sadly ended up a little on the bland side. Even with the addition of ceps wrapped up in the middle, I found the whole thing a little boring. I appeared to be out voted by the rest of the table, so I left them to it.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Penne con Pomodoro (£12) - Now one thing I learnt in Italy is that the tomatoes there are infinitely better than the stuff we get over here. They are sweet, they are tart and they aren't overly "wet". In fact, it was the wetness of the British tomatoes that made me hate them for so long (it took me a good 20 years to figure that out). We decided to order this as it seemed so simple and a dish that we all cook at home, a real benchmark as to how good River Cafe actually was. What we got was a perfect bowl of pasta, of perfectly firm (but not chalky) pasta tubes, of a wondrously unctuous sauce, packed with tomatoey goodness. This was as good a plate of pasta as you will ever get.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Piccione ai ferri (£33) - As we slowly recovered from our self inflicted carbicide, we supped wine and talked about all sorts of inappropriate things, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. One thing to note is that I don't think anyone felt like they were in a hurry, us nor the staff. It was perfectly fine for us (and our 4 hour lunch), but I guess if you are in a hurry, I would let them know. For us, it was exactly what we needed, and even if I didn't know it, my main was also exactly what I needed.

The whole roasted, spatchcocked pigeon was the best piece of pigeon I have ever eaten. The slight smoky char, the perfectly cooked pink gamy meat, all finished off with exemplary seasoning, bringing all the flavours out. Personally, I thought the green and yellow bean "parmigiani" was slightly over done and surplus to requirements, but it was probably because once I had tasted the pigeon, I had no need for anything else.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Whilst I was "aah-ing" at my dish, I noticed that the rest of the table had also gone quiet, all I could hear was the sound of chewing and other "aaahs...". We all shared our dishes out of politeness, and out of the worlds largest serving of turbot, a zesty red mullet, succulent pieces of pork, it was the leg of lamb which whetted my appetite the most. I was, however, not disappointed. In the game of choosing dishes, I had clearly won.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Summer Pudding - At this stage, we had all pretty much reached saturation point, but we had already come so far, we had to tackle the selection of desserts. After careful consideration, most could only tackle ice cream, but with the famous chocolate nemesis already "bagsied" by somebody else, I opted for the Summer Pudding. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. The individual components were all very palatable, but it was far too tart, bordering on sour, for my tastebuds. The strange addition of creme fraiche instead of whipped cream, or even a nice vanilla ice cream, did not help matters. Once again, most of the table thought it was excellent, but I really didn't rate it. The other desserts were much nicer (and sweeter), and when it comes to "that" chocolate nemesis, I don't think you will ever find a finer chocolate tart.

River Cafe, Hammersmith

This has probably one of the longest posts that I have ever written, but I rarely invest my time unless it was worth it. In the sun, I genuinely cannot think of a finer place to while away a Sunday afternoon with friends. Even in the Winter, I am sure the cosy interior would be a great way to spend any meal. The service was friendly and never overbearing, the food was mostly superb, and with a couple of glasses of wine and good company, even at £85 a head, I think it smacks of value. Some people may think the River Cafe is expensive, and it is, nose bleedingly expensive. But my one piece of advice is to save up, and then ignore the prices when you come to River Cafe. Eat and enjoy, and on the whole, you won't regret it.

The River Cafe - Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA

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Kavey said...

Over the course of a few years, I delivered training for the architectural practice next door, probably somewhere between 15-25 days in all, I'd guess.
River Cafe started out as a staff canteen for the practice staff, but of course, quickly became an independent restaurant. The replacement staff canteen was so good that I never got around to popping across to the River Cafe instead.
I really ought to get back there and try it, but you're right, the prices have put me off.
But for a special occasion, when I'm in better financial place, would be the right time to go!

Hollow Legs said...

I think you and I have different ideas of 'good value' ;) I usually use pasta as a benchmark for Italian restaurants; shame these seemed a let down. The pigeon does look lovely though.

Mzungu said...

It is worth the expense, but sometimes they have a great lunchtime set menu offer. Well worth keep checking back to see when it is on.

Miss Whiplash said...

Oh My Goodness - that summer pudding *cries*

Gin and Crumpets said...

It was a good lunch.

tehbus said...

@Kavey - It's a lovely story that! I would say that it's definitely a special occasion restaurant, but I would love to be able to dine here a lot.

@Lizzie - The pasta's were good, but not as good as I have had elsewhere. The pomodoro however, wowzer.

@Mzungu - It's a bit of a trek to get to, hard for me to get there and back for lunch from Covent Garden!

@ Miss W - Oh my good?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal. I absolutely love this restaurant and, although it is eye-wateringly expensive, do keep returning for the wonderful ingredients, passionate cooking and beautiful surroundings. The squid with chilli is totally sublime, and everything you ate sounds delicious. Here's my review, for what it's worth :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start saving for this one.

Kay @ Chopstix2Steaknives said...

My experiences was less wow than yours I guess. I loved the vibe and the awesome sun shine reminded me of sunny days in Sydney. The food was great but value-wise not awesome.

After hearing so much about the chocolate nemesis, it was a letdown for me and umm...the lady forgot to give us our take aways when we left so there goes my barely eaten dessert! LOL!

No Reservations said...

It was possibly one of the best days of the summer to have lunch there. Glad you enjoyed most of it. I love the place, agreed it's exceedingly expensive, but I will go back again and again. You can actually see me in your third photo, I'm on the furthest table to the right with sunglasses on! (albeit very smal!)

tehbus said...

@Littleloaf - Nice. It is just one of those places which seems to have "it". Whatever "it" is.

@eatstreatandleaves - You must!

@Kay - Aww, that kind of sucks. The total outlay is a worry and if you don't totally enjoy yourself, it feels like a waste.

@No Reservations - Ha! Small world! Glad you had a good one too.