Friday, June 1, 2012

Jubilee Gubbins Pick'n Mix


Ah, God bless the Queen and her Jubilee. Not only does it grant us an extra long weekend here in the UK (thank you ma’am) but appears to have triggered a jubilee avalanche over pretty much everything. Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed a variety of weird jubilee related gubbins, and the extent to which some people go to get Jubilee'd up is quite astounding.


For example, how about a queens head jelly mold or even a life size posing Corgi? (both mental, both from Selfridges and both via @pepper_tree. Maybe you're feeling lucky and fancy purchasing a special Diamond Jubilee edition of Tabasco? Just like normal Tabasco, just with a flag and some diamonds on the packaging. How about a Union Jack made entirely of cupcakes? How about a Jubilee SONG sung by Gary Barlow. A Jubilee remote control for your Sky Box perhaps (exactly like your normal remote control, but slightly different).

Tyrells Jubilee Crisps

To be fair, not all Jubilee tie ins have to be rubbish. Tyrrells with their Red, White and Blue crisps were pretty eye catching and a nice take on the Jubilee. Using a Highland Burgundy Red, the White Lady Claire and the Salad Blue, lightly salted, they tasted just like a good Tyrrells crisp. I’ve always liked what Tyrrells do (especially their sweet and salty popcorn) and this packet of crisps was no exception. No excessive fireworks on the tongue, but a feast for the eyes (well, as far as crisps go anyway, and thanks to Tyrrells for sending me a packet).

Tea Horse

Not too long ago, I got sent a sample box from Tea Horse and if you’re a tea lover of any sort, you’re going to love the service they provide. Every month, they choose four different tea blends and send them to your front door for a mere £12, like a wine club for tea. I was sent a trial to give the service a go and would sign up in a heartbeat if I was still staying in London. In May, they catered their Tea box towards Jubilee teas including one - Punch Blend No. 1 which was crafted specifically to feature as the main ingredient in a cocktail.  Tea Horse worked with leading mixologist Julian de Feral to create their Crown Jules Punch, a really refreshing summer punch. A great concept and an even better product.

You can sign up for Tea Horse directly from their website HERE.

High Tea at the Fortnums Tea Room

Moving from tea delivered to your front door, to tea in the grandest of settings. I was invited along to the launch of the Diamond Jubilee tea salon at the top floor of Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly. Walking into a room full of culinary world royalty (Jeremy Lee, Russell Norman, Fay Maschler and Angela Hartnett to name a few) to the music of the resident piano player, I felt drastically under dressed and out of place, although soon found a few friends and settled down to a few finger sandwiches, cake and tea. The room is fit for the queen herself (she even opened it) and with high tea (£42 per person) and a specialist tea room containing tea from around the world.
More pics of sandwiches and cake HERE

Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon - 4th Floor, Fortnum & Mason, 181 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EH

The Chilli Queen

Last but not least, all this talk of the Jubilee has brought me onto my favourite Jubilee tie in, and it's meaty and delicious. Byron Hamburgers have been known to craft specials every so often, and for the Jubilee they have devised the Chilli Queen, a collaboration between Byron and burger trailblazer, Fred Smith of the Admiral Codrington. Imagine a beefy patty, cooked perfectly pink in the middle, smothered in cut chillis sealed under a gloss of American cheese. Then imagine this patty housed in a perfectly glazed brioche bun with iceberg lettuce and chipotle mayo. Yup, that. I've had a couple of these beauties from different branches and I'm amazed how they can keep this burger so consistent. The chilli queen is only on until June 5th so you have a few more days to grab yours. Nothing like ending the Jubilee weekend on a high.

Byron Hamburgers - Multiple Locations

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