Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Mini Bites]: Josper grilling at Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau, Canary Wharf

I love playing around with gadgets and there are fewer better gadgets to play around with than a fully fitted professional kitchen. One rainy Satruday not that long ago (but long enough ago that I can't remember when), I was invited along to Plateau in Canary Wharf. The main reason behind this was to geek out and learn about the restaurant, their meat (and their suppliers) but most importantly, we had the opportunity to experience and cook with a Josper grill.

The fiery beast, the Josper

The Josper is no ordinary grill. The big metal box has the capability to get very hot and maintain a high consistent heat, lending itself to cooking things quickly, evenly and with an awesome char. On the day, we made burgers, baked fish and grilled some awesome steaks. I learnt a fair amount about the meat and how they rear their cattle for a better flavour (courtesy of Steve Turton, master butcher) and Josper themselves who sent down one of their team to talk a bit about the grill.

Our burgers

As you can expect, it was a lot of fun, and we learnt a lot about the process of making a great steak, from the sourcing of the meat, preparation and then finally the cooking. As for the restaurant itself, it's a lovely place and the head chef Allan Pickett (and team) were excellent hosts. I can't comment much more than that (as it was an event) although all the food I ate was good and I look forward to giving the full menu a go some time, and from the look of this, I would probably enjoy it. A lot.

Here are a few more pics of the day:

Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau, Canary Wharf

Plateau - 4th Flr, Canada Place, London E14 5ER

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Becs @ Lay the table said...

That shot of the meat at the top of the post looks amazing - the perfect way I like my meat cooked!

tehbus said...

@ Becs - All the meat we ate was really delicious.