Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Warwick Wingding - Warwick Gardens, Peckham

CDs adorning the trees

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about where I live is the community spirit. Tucked away from the bad press and areas of degradation are people who not only care, but are proud of where they live.

The Warwick Wingding is a local Arts and Music "festival", organised by the neighbourhood for the neighbourhood. Alongside various arts and crafts stalls, there was food and wine, and music supplied by (you guessed it) bands and musician of the local community.

Sis and the Stall

I was there supporting my sister who decided to take her hobby to the next level and hosted a stall selling her own handmade jewellery. It was an absolutely stunning day so sitting down and selling jewellery after a particularly heavy night, although not my idea of fun, was quite bearable.

The whole event was a massive success. A perfect day to laze in the sun with a pint of cider, surrounded by stalls and music. Here a few photo's of the day:

Camper Van

Junior Steel Band

Cakes and Quiche

Childrens Area

Out and about

And lastly, to the lady who didn't come and collect her bracelets, they are still patiently waiting for you. Please email me and I will get them over to you. And for those who want to see more of the photos, click here!


Hollow Legs said...

Gutted I missed this, but after that night at Matter, I looked like a corpse and probably would have made the children cry...

Helen said...

I am also gutted! I am also in awe of the fact you went along after that night - I was good for nothing the next day. That is one awesome cake stand I see there.

tehbus said...

The cake stall was good but not up to the standard of the Go Go Gin girls!