Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Another day, another apology. Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I always have good intentions but with work and social life, and the fact that looking at a computer screen is the last thing I want to do when I get home, it kind of means my blog gets neglected. However, I have been informed that some people actually do read this and may actually enjoy my posts (shock horror!) so I will make a more concerted effort to keep this up to date with all things that are good about London (and any other place I may go).

So this brings me to my latest post. This weekend just gone saw the Tehbus make the long trip north up the backbone of England to arrive in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland and home of my little sister (that's the littlelest sister, I do have 3 and need to distinguish them). Here, she was partaking in the annual Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show, a fundraiser organised by the students with all money raised going to charity.

My parents, my middle sister and I went to watch sis no 3 whilst sis no 1 stayed down south to babysit our two Shih Tzu's. Held at the Corn Exchange, the venue was very smart and after a very long wait to get our seats and a push to get the best seats akin to Hillsborough (no casualties thankfully), it all went very well. Nobody fell over (on Friday night at least) and everyone looked great and it was all very professionally done (for more photos, click here). After the event, I proceeded to Berlin (the club, not the city) for the after party. I tell you now, there is no easier way to make yourself feel old than going out partying with 21 year old wannabe models.

The next day few days were spent eating (write-ups to follow shortly) and walking around Edinburgh. As time was limited and I wanted to watch the England vs Scotland rugby match in the afternoon, I restricted my meanderings to a wander up and down the Royal Mile with a visit to the Castle for some bright Springtime views over Edinburgh.

Finally, to the game itself, I managed to camp myself in a small Scottish pub. I think I cheered a little too loudly when England scored their first try. All the Scottish eyes in the pub bore down on me so I took the conscious decision to pipe down. My father joined me at half time and we enjoyed a swift half to round off the comprehensive England victory.

The next day was Mothers day where we visited a very nice bistro round from sister no 3's place called Iglu, serving local produce. It was perfectly reasonable and tasted alright. No review here, Mothers day meal shall remain sacred (and I forgot to take pictures). When all was done, it was back to the roads and a trip back down south. It was a long return trip but well worth it.

For more pics of Edinburgh, please click here.

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